December 7th, 2018

  • airey


Hello, I have started back up in my LJ after *MANY YEARS* of not using it. Basically this is 32 year old me opening up teenage/early 20s me's diary and going WTF?

Anyway, I don't update everyday, but I would like to add some friends. I'm a 32 year old wife and mother of 1 daughter who's nearly 2 and mystery baby due in March. I am very much that mother that feels like she's a crappy mother but knows that she's probably on par with the rest of the mothers out there. I have depression and anxiety that causes me some issues, some disconnectedness and just plain sucks. My journal will mostly be about my inner thoughts and feelings that I have about life, motherhood, wifehood, and myself in general. I'm mostly an introvert, have difficulty maintaining friendships and overthink things way too much. I believe my depression causes me some memory loss/issues converting memories into long term memories. So the blank stare sometimes means my brain is going "ERROR 404: FILE NOT FOUND". Luckily I now have a great husband who is my external long term memory.

If that all sounds like utternonsense but you're interested anyway, add me. Thanks.