December 14th, 2018

The Truth About Extreme Weightloss

Hello everyone! I'm Sorta Fit CeeCee and I'm just coming back to LiveJournal after a long break.

2 years ago I was 240 Lbs and in the worst shape of my life. I was stressed, depressed, unhealthy, inactive, and ate nothing but junk food. I decided to make the biggest lifestyle change and ended up comitting to losing almost 100lbs NATURALLY. This journal will be my story and the truth behind weightloss and health in general! I know this sort of this isn't for everyone, and it's a bit new for me but i'd love to inspire even 1 person to make a life change and improve their quality of life!

Things to expect from my journal

  • My personal weightloss story

  • Weightloss tips and tricks to help keep you motivated

  • The downsides of weightloss

  • Mental health

  • Weekly/Monthly challenges and results

  • Easy recipes for weightloss

  • Random fitness rants

  • Body positivity


So if you're interested in losing weight, gaininng muscle,growing a BOOTY or just inerested in healthy living in general please ADD ME and give me a chance :) I swear you won't be disappointed.