August 30th, 2019

Mulder scully


I’m Georgie and after a few month’s break from LJ I’m starting over/being more active and positive in my posts.

I’m 33. Teacher. Auntie. Hamster mommy.

I live near London. My main hobbies and interests are musical theatre, horse racing... I like lots and lots of sports including basketball, soccer, NFL, Formula 1, sometimes baseball etc. I love to travel and go on lots and lots of adventures (just got back from Berlin.) I also like baking when I have the time. I don’t really watch much TV/fandom but I watch some shows like Killing Eve and am also a casual Marvel and Star Wars fan.

I am looking for positive people (the occasional rant/whine is fine but as long as it’s not every single entry) and people who post/comment somewhat frequently.

Feel free to add me if you would like :)