January 12th, 2020

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Not new to Livejournal, Looking for friends

Hey there, my name is Tisha and I have been a part of Livejournal for 7 years off and on. Last year I was writing a lot more than I had in the past, and I really liked that, and this year I will definitely be writing more.

I am doing a 365 day challenge meme (have kept up with it so far) answering questions about myself, so you are also getting to know things about me which is great because you'll be new, as well as me writing a bit about my day in general. I like to write about books and shows I am reading, sometimes writing little blurbs or reviews about it, just saying my opinions.

I am 31 and married, no kids with 2 roommates and 2 cats, so there may be the occasional rant about that if I am upset. I have cerebral palsy, am bipolar, and have major depression but am dealing with that moderately well, definitely better than I have in the past and if you have any questions about it don't be shy to ask me.

I love all things Disney, have been to Disneyland 3x and planning a trip to Disneyworld in a few years. I go to cons, cosplay, and I like to write. I also love to read so am always up for taking recommendations, even i f I can't get to them right away,

I love all kinds of tv shows, Lucifer, OUAT, HIMYM, PSYCH, Chuck, Anne with an E, TVD, The Originals, The Bachelor (don't judge), most the stuff on Disney+. I like  Star Wars old and new, I like classic and new Disney,  cartoon or live-action. I try to just enjoy things and not let others bring me down like I used to.

If you think we might get a long, comment or add me or just shoot me a message. I am pretty open and a nice person and though I might not be 100% compatible I try to be as open as I can be with people and give advice when I can if they ask for it. Hope to hear from you
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Newbie needs help

Hey i am naima and i am from satgodha pakistan. I am new here and despute the apps rating i still want to give this a go but i dont know anything about this app so please teach me and be mh freind