August 10th, 2020

Gonna repost here, because it has been effective in finding cool folks

This is copied from my post not long ago, so I am basically bumping it:

I am familiar with LJ from back in the day as a teenager, legit 15+ years ago. I wanted to start a journal as I go through nursing school, and remembered LJ as a community of folks who can respond and talk to people about their postings. I just made my first post today, and plan to try at least every third day to post.

I live in the southern part of USA. I am married with 2 pets. I am pretty heavily tattooed, working on my second degree, am a fan of science, dark humor, true crime, and going to attempt healthy eating and living. I tend to swear and be really in tune with that dark humor of mine. 

Anywho, shoot me a message or a follow, and I will get back with you. Thanks in advance. Just be cool. No racists, bigots, or anti mask people, thanks.

skull eye

Me love you long time

Haha... yeah so I began writing in this journal just before I turned 17 years old back in late 2002. I guess that means I have had LJ for 18 years now. That sounds insane. I am glad to have kept in touch with my original account but like many others there were several year breaks in between some posts. I did start using my journal more frequently again last December. Hardly any of my old friends still keep up with LJ so I thought it might be interesting to find some new ones. I really enjoy writing here. It is cathartic for me. I can go back and look at post I made in my youth and cringe and think wow look how much you've grown. Haha. I remember thinking when I first started writing here that someday I would have children of my own who would become teenagers that might not understand me or me them and that LJ could be a way of bridging that gap. Sharing with them a piece of who I used to be.

Anyways.. as it currently stands, I am almost 35 now and divorced with 2 children. Single, but currently in talks with someone who I spent a few years of my life with over a decade ago and dedicated many LJ posts of the past to him. He is now in the process of divorce and we are slowly reconnecting. Well, maybe not so slow, but we are trying. haha. I am a teacher's assistant at a public school and work with underpriveledged 3 year olds. I just earned my CDA but am hoping to continue my education and eventually become a teacher. I am heavily involved with all Scouting programs and actually leader of a Girl Scout troop. My posts here are random and usually just whatever thoughts are invading my head at the moment. I enjoy all (no really, all) kinds of music but really in to crappy punk rock. I was kind of in to the goth or even emo scene in my youth, pretty boring and normal these days though. I am working towards fitness goals as well but keep most of those posts on an instagram account. I once lost 100 lbs and after my second child kinda ruined that I aim to lose that much again and then some.

Okay I have rambled enough. Be my friend and I will be yours. :D

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