January 10th, 2021

Peace, Peeps

Several ego deaths later, I'm here. We're back!!

I'm a creative who specializes in the wizardry of words. The world has been in a tizzy since we last spoke and I've been busy not being an asshole...okay, so that truth is half-full. Though I have gotten my priorities together, survived 2020 and my Jesus year and I'm still able to report most things I see and hear (inside my head). 

For many years I called myself a writer but now I can look into the mirror and say it to myself and know I'm not a liar.

So if you're interested in poetry, food, nature, reflection, growing pains and the unassuming every day then feel free to say "Hey" and give me an add and I'll behave in same and give one right back.

Happy Writing/Reading.