January 16th, 2021

  • asher63

Refugee from the People's Republic of Facebook.

About me: I'm male, about to turn 58 y/o, American, Oregon resident, Jewish, been on LiveJournal since 2004. Interests include mathematics, language and literature, current events. "All about me" tag:

In 2007, I joined the masses flocking to facebook and began what would become a love/hate relationship with that platform - increasingly the latter, and last Friday I officially closed my fb account. I feel better already.

So, I'm looking forward to having more time and bandwidth to devote to LJ, and while there might not be billions of people in LJ-land, I'm always happy to make new connections.

About my journal: It's a mix of thoughts about life, creative stuff, personal journal, and current events. I recently posted a year-by-year retrospective of my life on LJ over the past 15+ years:

My journal isn't primarily political, but I do lean conservative politically. That's another reason I appreciate having LJ as an alternative to the big-tech "Masters of the Universe" platforms.

Feel free to add me if you're so inclined!