April 26th, 2021

ISO-Fitness Buddies

Hi! Cherry here, looking for fitness buddies to keep me accountable this spring & summer. I was an avid runner back in the day, but after a lupus and Sjogren's diagnosis, I've packed on 35 too many pounds and I'm struggling to exercise on a regular basis. Now I'm a power walker, hiker, walker of doggos (we have two), belly & salsa dancer, yogi...and I am a weight lifting wannabe and I'd also like to get back into some form of low-impact aerobics and bike riding. Maybe swimming. (I really should swim, but it isn't my favorite thing.) My blog talks about all sorts of things--it really is a cherry bowl of miscellany. I also talk about writing, reading, art, crafts, friends & family, goals & goal setting, travel (not much of that lately since the world is shut down) and I bitch and moan about getting older and autoimmune. I'm thinking if I can get somewhat fit again, maybe there will be less of the bitch & moan and more of the mini celebrations. Anyone want to help me whine less and jump into a fitness program? What are your goals?