May 11th, 2021


Hi! I’m looking for new friends. I’ve had this journal for years & im getting back into writing so I’d love some active friends.

* I live in Az, but I’m from Ca.
* I work in early childhood education, I’m a twos teacher
* I have four kiddos of my own (2 boys & 2 girls) & I am pregnant with the fifth
* We have two dogs, Bella & Jerry.
* I’ve been with my partner for almost 10 years!

I write about day to day stuff and whatever is on my mind. I’m pretty flipping liberal, which is important. I drink & am 420 friendly when not baking humans. But, I don’t really talk about that much. Hmmm... I like Fall Out Boy & all of the other bands of that time. Hobo Johnson, P!nk, Mac Miller, Aesop Rock all get plenty of play time... but again, I don’t really talk about that. Anyway, add me if you want!