June 8th, 2021


Hello, Getting back in the swing of LJ.

I don't remember what year it was I first signed on here. It was somewhere in the early 2000's and I
did so initially to keep in touch with my daughters. As it turned out I enticed a lot of my own friends to get on here
and we had a pretty active community for a number of years. I have always liked this format better than Fb because it
is more engaging.. Sadly I succumbed to the dreaded Fb because I had supervised a crew on a local farm and a lot
of my seasonal workers were from South Africa and the did not do LJ, they did Fb!!! I think this is the third time I
have returned to LJ and I am going to try to stay more over here. For one thing anybody that knows me , knows, I love
to carry on.
You see I am 67 years old and I retired 5 years ago to take care of my Wife Full time. I had been caring for her for
over 30 years but, the last 2 years of her life was kind of Hell on Earth for both of us. I will leave it at that.
Anyway, I am hoping I can get myself back into the way I used to write on here because I could look back and
have a written copy of my thoughts and Life for that matter.
Funny, at 67 years old and retired, I am now busier than I was when I was working a full time job. I am starting another
engineering/manufacturing company at the same time I have erected a building on my property to house a music studio. At this time
I have my studio inside my house but, I need to get it out of here because I also have my Electronics bench and my HAM radio station
in the same room. Getting the studio in it on home will make things a lot easier and I need to do it fast. I am currently also
working on a full length CD that I need to have in the can by late August because it is scheduled for release in late October in
Europe. I think I need to go get a job just so I can have some rest time. Hope to meet up with some new friends here.
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