July 8th, 2021



Hello. My name is Kimi. I'm genderfluid, so I don't mind what pronouns you use. :3 I'm 30 something years old, and I was mostly born and raised in Maine... but I also lived in Arizona for a while as well. We moved back to Maine recently, so I've been meaning to start over to adjust to that! I'm a huge lover of music. I'm not TOO picky about it but... yeah. I also love Pokemon, and I'm usually playing it constantly! Another thing I really like to do is write, which I have a tendency to do on a daily basis. I'm a little on the crazy side. I have four 18 inch dolls that I treat like little sisters and such. I talk to them. I talk to my stuffed toys, and I also talk to my fluffy blanket named Keru as well! Oh, and I'm on the autistic spectrum. I have ADHD and very severe anxiety. I love unicorns like you wouldn't believe. If there's anything else you want to know, feel free to ask! :D

Hope you'll add me because I'm actually pretty fun-loving when given the chance!