August 22nd, 2021

  • vaysha

looking for new friends

Ive been on live journal since, ohhhh, maybe 1999. I come and go but more recently I have been here posting art and snippets of writing or bits about my life.

I love to write and my writing is more reflective than what I am up to each day although there is some of that.

I am open minded, pagan/wiccan, old goth/hippie.

I am 56 but feel 30 something and my friends range from 25- 75. I study psychology and teach at a wellness college that instructs counselors and life coaches. I am super into mysticism and archetypal psychology, tarot, baking sourdough and making my own yoghurt and cheese. I love wigs and makeup and frivolous things in between all my serious endeavors. I like to garden will occasionally knit, love books and music and some shows but tend to only watch tv before I go to sleep. I work with the LGBTQ and polyamorous community and amongst my counseling and life coaching services I am trauma informed and my focus is compassion and self compassion. I am a life long learner so am usually taking some course or another to augment my toolbox. I love Gabor Mate and Stephen Jenkinson- worth checking out on you tube to hear them talk about their expertise.

Im looking for new journals to read and those who are interested in my style of writing.
I may be ( if travel is open) going to Greece in October for 3 months to stay in a small village in Crete and Im hoping to do even more writing then. I am working on a set or oracle cards. I teach workshops in life skills like boundaries, values and beliefs, the nervous system and things like compassion/self compassion and mindfulness. I know this is random and all over the place but Im a gemini and have many interests. :)