September 21st, 2021

🌊. ❝ and tidal waves. ❞
  • daae

( hello! )

Name: Rin
Age: Mid-30's
Location: Osaka, Japan
Occupation: Kimono teacher/stylist, university instructor
Hobbies & Interests: Singing, video games, playing musical instruments, drawing, making tsumami kanzashi, writing, reading novels and manga, swimming
Other info: Originally from Michigan, USA. In the past five years I've lived in Poland, China, and now I'm in Japan. I'll be Japan another seven months before I move back to the US, where my husband is. He's Polish and he's just immigrated there and he's helping take care of my grandparents while I take of some business related things. I miss him terribly.

I've been a teacher for 13 years (ESL, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese) but now I'm trying to become a full-time kimono stylist and teacher. I received my license at a kimono school here in Osaka in June, and I love my life in kimono. I really hope to make this come true. In the meantime, I teach at a university. In the future, pandemic not withstanding, I will split my life between the US and Japan. The study of kimono is life-long, so I'll be back twice a year to keep my studies up and make sure my skills are on top.

I really missed journalling, and going back to my entries on here made me realize that it's important to keep track of things so hopefully I'll keep this up too.

I don't blog about fandom much but my main fandoms are Fate/, Devil May Cry, Phantom of the Opera (if my username didn't give it away), Genshin Impact, Star Wars, and Final Fantasy.

Nice to meet you all!