October 3rd, 2021

Hi!! Eccentric and chronically ill girl here

Hi there, lovelies! I'm a old school LJ user. Started in 1999. Been away because of the social networking happened, and this one died. But I'm back and ready to make new friends. I'm 44 live in the PNW. I'm married, no kids. I have chronic illnesses so I will write about that a bit. I'm also an artist /poet/recording artist. I'm neurodivergent, sensitive, silly, honest and loyal. I love humor, podcasts (true crime) horror movies, indie music, audio books, video games (first person shooters) binging series like Dexter, the walking dead, etc. I love pop surrealism and abstract art. I make far too many Spotify playlist. I'm an Enneagram 4. I plan to start posting a lot, so let me know if you wanna add me. I'll add ya back!