October 25th, 2021

  • vapor

happy spooky month!

Hello all. My name is Allison and I walked away from LJ about four years ago. This journal was created in 2007, but I started on LJ when I was in high school, so maybe about 2004. I was really into the icon-making community, but it was dying (though it looks like it's still going now) and I had barely any friends left. I wasn't in a good place either and wanted a change. In the past four years, a lot has changed for me and I just want something back. I feel lonely a lot and it's hard for me to connect to people. When I was posting here on LJ and reading other people's posts, it felt like something. It was different than twitter, instagram, and facebook.

I'm 33 with no children by choice. Currently, I'm working for a university here in Connecticut. I've been there for almost two and a half years. I just celebrated my three year anniversary with my partner, who is non-binary (he/she/they). I'm cis (she/her) and bi/pan. I'm living in an apartment with my sister. I finished reading Somebody's Daughter and now I'm reading You. (I haven't seen the show.) I'm rewatching Dexter before the new season premieres, and I have about two episodes left of season 8. The other show I'm slowly watching is Succession. I'm still on season 2. I recently got a Nintendo Switch (a gift from my partner) and I've been playing Animal Crossing on that. I'm also replaying DA:Inquisition on my PS4.

I'm really interested in politics, though it's been more difficult to keep up because my mental health has been pretty bad lately. I'm taking a break from twitter and I've been avoiding the more political podcasts I listen to. Basically, I just wanted to give a warning that I'm liberal, feminist, angry, and I'll probably talk about those things from time to time.

I'm coming back to LJ now, so it's hard to say what my posts will look like. I used to post a lot about my daily or weekly life. Thoughts on movies, tv, books, video games, music, celebrities, news, etc. I love podcasts and (beauty) youtube. While my mental health isn't good, I don't want to wallow in every post. I'm hoping to be thoughtful and work through things, and not be negative constantly. I've updated my interests on my profile so you can see the things I like, though of course it's not exhaustive.

Even though I stopped updating my journal, I've been on LJ almost daily during these years because I'm a screencapper. There's a website and a tumblr, but they've also always had an LJ, so I post gallery links there. Screencapping has been a big, relaxing hobby for me. Since I'm here so often, I will start updating my journal, checking my friends list, and commenting. I'm hoping to be as active as possible.

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