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Oct. 12th, 2019

Purple Heart


(no subject)

Hello there!

I’m an older than most female, who resides in the UK and is owned by three cats and a dog. 

I’m an introvert who stays inside her four walls far too much, so LJ is very much my go to for social interaction. I’ve made some cracking friends here over the fourteen years I have used this platform, but as of late, things have gotten a tiny bit too quiet for my liking so once again I’m back tentatively hoping for some new friends with whom I can interact with and vice-versa.

I have brain gremlins, namely BPD, depression and anxiety and I do post about my struggles from time to time. I also post about life in general, my daughter, my grandchildren (of which I have two), my fur babies and lately I have been trying to learn how to draw using an app on my iPad, so have been posting the results of this. 

If you would like to know more, please take a look at my profile x

nancy drew


Looking for Friends


I live in Adelaide, South Australia.
I'm currently studying a Juris Doctor.
I love photography, Guild Wars 2, any gaming really, cartoons, Disney, going to Disney parks, Japan, knitting, reading (urban fantasy, regency, steampunk, young adult) and making vintage style clothes.
I have 3 dogs, a cat and a husband and I love them all, as stinky and messy as they are.
I'm currently learning Spanish and Japanese. The kanji is very difficult.
I'm also learning to play the banjolele.

If we have any interests in common and you want to add me send me a message and I'll add you back. If we don't suit, no drama. =)

Oct. 8th, 2019



Back to LJ and looking for new friends


I've been away from lj for a very long time, but I want to return. My friend list has thinned out and I would love to add new people!


My name is Jeni (short for Jennifer, but no one ever calls me that), I'm 35 years old and I live in Germany.

I share my apartment with seven parakeets and a dwarf hamster. And also hundreds of unwanted spiders...

My boyfriend is also kind of living here. We met at the beginning of this year and have been in a relationship for just four months.

I have BPD, but since I'm on meds it's barely noticable. Just a few depressive episodes now and then. Comparing to ten years ago I'm so much better.

I work in "public relations". That's the official and fancy description. Mostly I sit at my desk and check out Buzzfeed or something alike. I work at a place that is some kind of a theatre and has a small restaurant as well.

In my spare time I mostly watch Youtube or Netflix. But I also love to craft (knit, crochet, sew, cross stitch, craft with resin), read books (not stuck to a certain genre), play video games, listen to music and play music. My main instrument is ukulele, but I can also play a little bit of guitar and piano. I'm self-taught, so I'm not very good, but it's fun. I also like to bake and cook, though I don't do it very often.

Right now I'm preparing for NaNoWriMo. I wouldn't all myself a writer, but I've been doing this since 2005 and it's a big part of my life.

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Oct. 6th, 2019

• Me / Vegas Strong / 2017 •


• Seeking New Friends •

PSA: Please let me know you've added me as I don't always get notifications, thank you!

Howdy. Hoping to meet some nice, open minded friends who are supportive, funny, have a conscious & all around enjoys posts about my life, though I keep it vague, 1 can read between the lines. I'm going to start doing my pic of the week, again & weekly Affirmations. I'm a tad Spiritual but not Religious. You're more than welcome to skip over those posts, as I respect everyone's Religious beliefs.

A little about myself:

- I'm almost 47.
- Am blonde & do have some hilarious moments of such!
- I reside in Sin City. Been here almost a decade.
- I'm a cat lady. I love my 2 boys. I post pics of them, randomly.
- Am a survivor of domestic violence & do live with chronic PTSD. I rarely write about my feelings on this but when I do, it's behind a cut.
- Love photography, as a hobby. It's been a therapeutic method as of late though I've been a photographer buff since childhood.
- Very tech savvy. Who'd thought a blonde could be? Haha!
- Web designer. It's another passion of mine.
- Music tastes range from 70s/80s rock & country, more so, the older stuff. And, I've been learning & enjoying the western dances AKA line dancing! I've been dancing to rock music since I was a teen now it's learning country! I'm especially a George Strait fan!
- My favorite TV show of ALL time is the Golden Girls! Cheesecake!
- Thrift shopper. You can find some awesome things!
- Been on a weight loss journey since 2017 & the transformation is unreal. I'm still adjusting to how I look now compared to the last 2 years because I carried that excess weight for over 30 years but lost 95%, thus far, in about 2 years!

Feel free to read my profile & add me, if you'd like! Hope to make your acquaintance.


Oct. 5th, 2019

Alan Carnagey

15 Strange Science Facts and History of Weird Scientists HD 720p

Sep. 30th, 2019




Hi all

I’m an Aussie guy who has been on and off LJ sporadically for the last 20 years (god that’s scary!) - I’m not as regular as I’d like to be but I’ve always enjoyed it and made some wonderful friends on it over the years. It’s fallen silent in comparison to how it used to be but maybe it’s just a lot of people moving to other social media and I’ve been unlucky

I’m a self confessed nerd - I love science and learning, sci fi, fantasy, good humour and all the usual types of things

Let me know if I tickle your fancy!

Sep. 29th, 2019


Hello all!

Hello all!

I'm 32 y.o. f from Scotland. I've been in LJ for more than a decade now. My journal has fallen quite silent, and I'm hoping to add some new active friends.

I post mostly about my life, weekends, vacations, boyfriend and general life in Edinburgh or Glasgow. I work as an engineer, which allows me to travel quite a bit. I like posting lots of pictures, of anything and everything I love. I had joined LJ initially for my love of various anime fandoms, but those fandoms have died out, and I have grown up :)

I've recently bern quite active in MoDaoZuShi / The Untamed / Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivataion fandom. So if you are into it as well, and other MXTX novels, feel free to add me please!

TV Shows: Expanse, Supernatural, Lucifer, Superstition, American Gods, Game of Thrones, Battlestar Gallactica, Handmaid's Tale and many more, AHS. I also love European crime mysteries and sci-fi dramas such as The Rain, Dark, Elite, 3 percent and recently Marianne . I love all quiry shows from both Netflix & Prime :)

KDramas /CDramas: Just too many... My most recent favorites being Hotel De Luna, Rookie Historian, Arthdal Chronicles, Memories of Ahlambra, and my all time favorite Reply 1988 and Love in the Moonlight. Among CDramas, I love Guardian and more recently Untamed.

Feel free to add me even if we dont share any common interests :) Life is beautiful that way!

Sep. 27th, 2019




Salutations!!  Hope everyone is doing okay.  I am looking for new friends! I've been on LJ since my early 20's, and have had this current account until I was 30--- hence my user name.   Things are looking quiet around my "friends feed" and am longing to make some new friends.

About me:       *I am a 37 stay at home mom to 2 kids.  Ethan, who is going to be 5, and Diana, who turned 1 in May.  Before kids, I used to work in daycare, but gave up that thankless job and decided to stay home with my littles. Hubs and I have been together for 15 years and he works in the "cyber security division" for the state of AZ.  I tease him because there are things he actually can't talk about.      

* I am disabled with Cerebral Palsy.  Right side affected.  Essentially I have a "crooked foot" and "tired hand".  I have  my days, but I try not let it keep me down.

        * Netflix-aholic. I love such shows as "Charmed"(the original, damn it), "The West Wing", "Suits", "Blue Bloods" "Haven" "Bomb girls", the cw superhero shows(The Flash, Arrow and so forth), "Law and Orders"     

* Bookwhore--  I find books much friendlier than people, so I read a lot.  More than one book at a time and seem to buy books more than I can read.  Right now I'm reading the "Outlander" series( oh, and watching that on netflix, too), along with one of those silly "murder mystery" type novels( you know, the type that hallmark makes movies from)

Anyhow, I would love to meet new people!  Feel free to message/comment.

Rained yesterday!  Us Arizonans freak out when it's raining.  Its The Big News on all the local stations.


“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies . . . The man who neverreads lives only one.” –George R.R. M

Sep. 25th, 2019



Looking for some new friends

Hello, name is Frankie aka strumbella, mid 50s, am fairly down-to-earth type of person, a bit shy, female, childfree, married for over 30 years to a great guy, moved from Oshawa to the town of Port Hope 6 years ago, love music of all genres, used to be a real shutter bug (mainly point and shot digital photography)until I started having some mild issues with my eye sight, love doing jigsaw puzzles, reading books, am a bit of a guitar player and also a bit of a drummer.

My original LJ journal (2004 - 2016) was under the name nova_gurl. Most of my flist moved to other sites or stopped using LJ, so I decided a new beginning was in order for me too, hence why I started this account.

Seems everyone lives on FB, Instagram or Twitter. Don't get me wrong I do have a FB account and do log in daily, but the past year or two I'm finding it lacking.

Anyway, am on the look out for friends of all ages and backgrounds, so please do add me. My journal is mainly about day-to-day life. 

Sep. 24th, 2019


Want to be friends?

Hello all! My name is Nadia and I’m looking for some new friends on LJ. Like many, I’ve noticed it’s kind of a ghost town around my friends list. And while I’ve got a few good friends who are still active, I’m on the look-out for some new ones!

A little about me:
—I’m a cat mom of three (ages 8,3 and 2)
—I’m interested in anime, manga, reading, writing, video games, dungeons and dragons, board games and crime shows
—I also love fantasy and sci-fi stuff
—I’m a practicing witch
—I work in the mental health field while also battling my own mental health issues

I’m free spirited and pretty chill, but if you’re bigoted and hateful, I really don’t want you in my space. My blog is about my day to day life and I’m really looking for friends who are willing to respond to my posts. I don’t need it to be every post, of course, but I’d like some communication :) I try to respond to my friends’ posts, so I’m looking for the same.

If you think we’d get along, please let me know! Blessed be!

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